Drone operation can be categorized into three different kinds for each purpose. One is the aerial filming which our company practices, another one is as a sport to compete the speed or the acrobatic maneuvering, and the last one is for the use of inspection at disaster scene or construction site. In terms of operating Drone, the aerial filming is much more related to the cinematography in movie than the radio-controlled helicopter in the speed race. This means it does not matter how great at controlling a radio-controlled helicopter to be a good aerial cinematographer operating Drone. Elephant Production is certainly focused on the cinematography to capture the best shot as possible, and we make a difference on the picture. The proficient slow-speed maneuvering of Drone creates the image of feeling like floating in the big skies, and gives a strong impression to the audience.

Our Drone specialists are based in America, but our Drone filming service is open to the world. To date, we have been shot mostly the resources for sightseeing and tourism, but more recently we get the subject like a big cruiser or a yacht and the site like a sport stadium, a factory, a hotel, or a mansion. Depending on the country or the state, the regulation and rules for Drone differ. Many countries prohibit the Drone flying around the airport area. In Japan, it's strictly prohibited most area of cities. In America, there is the regulation for Drone in the national parks. Even the carry-on drone is on the license system or the aerial filming itself is prohibited in some other countries. The new technology and instrument always require the new rules. It is subject to change, but we keeps ourself updated for the newest information to practice our Drone productions.