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Elephant Production is a video production company that was established as a separate entity of the tour company, Elephant Tour, which has been serving the travel and tour services in Los Angeles, California for nearly 30 years. With the knowledge built on the strong connection in the travel and tour industry, we produce the TV shows and original contents, which feature the beautiful images of fantastic sites and amazing spots.

The representative, Isogawa has studies the musical composition at a music college and been surrounded with the media-oriented people, hence been influenced greatly by them. At the time of innovation of Digital and Nonlinear producing, it was the biggest advantage for us to start off the video productions. By leveraging the network of the travel and tour industry, we go to a variety of sites to shoot the aerial images by Drone for video productions.

Our office is located inside the Westin Bonaventure Hotel and Suite at the center of Downtown Los Angeles, very convenient for the traffic access. The hotel is not only one of the most prestigious hotels in the world, but also very famous as a movie location, it has appeared in movies such as Clint Eastwood's “In the Line of Fire”, Arnold Schwarzenegger's “True Lies”, Matthew McConaughey's “Interstellar”, and others



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Los Angeles is the mecca of movie studios like Universal Studio, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and others. We use our knowledge and experience of producing Promotional Video and Travel Show to film the aerial images by Drone. We also understand the risk of aerial shooting by Drone, including the crash on the ground or the fall in the water. Since Drone hovers in the air, there is a chance of an accident, a hit on buildings or even a collision with people. Elephant Production as the professionals of Drone filming, we always understand the risk and have the awareness of avoiding and minimizing the possibility of accidents through the experience of our numerous time of flying.



Elephant Production provides the services of Video Production and Coordination of Filming. Our office is based in Los Angeles, but we have been to many states in America, the regions in Japan, and the countries in Asia to film, and have been producing the original contents for TV shows broadcasted in America and Japan. As a production coordinator, we provide the locations like great nature of America, glitter scene of townscape, or world-famous monument for the client to film, likewise casting American actors and models to shoot the drama scenes or the interview footages, we help coordinate our client's various production shootings. For the aerial filming by Drone, we work closely with the Director of Photography and Camera Operator to capture the image by the smooth Drone operation. Using the advantage of an affiliate of *tour company, we have the exclusive access to the special locations and events for applying the permit for filming. We are willing to accept and arrange the various request and need from our client. Please contact us directly for the detail and the quote.

*Tour Company – Elephant Tour official site(http://elephanttour.com



Elephant Production produces the original TV shows, “ZOU NO TABI (Elephant in the journey)” and “Go West”. The both programs are travel and tour shows which have been being broadcasted on TV stations in Southern California and in Japan. By teaming up with the national and local tourist bureaus, our shows are characterized as to introduce our viewers the useful travel information by featuring the breathtaking sceneries or the newest attractions and events to watch. Besides the famous sightseeing spots and the guidebook-popular sites, we also cover the local people for interviews, that creates our shows more vivid and up-tempo for entertaining. Our shows give the viewers the virtual(visual) experience of traveling, this urges on themselves to actually go to travel the places in the near future. Our mission for producing and broadcasting the shows is to give young people with a bright future a chance to have a real experience: to visit and see the world and meet the people there. In Hollywood as the capital of entertainment, there are also many Japanese people in the show-business and the entertainment industry, Elephant Production works cooperatively with these talented professionals.